Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Studying Abroad

Like I said earlier in the month of June I took my happy butt across the ocean all the way to Scotland. It was an amazing experience and one that I hope to do again, just this time hopefully with my dude instead of a bunch of strangers.
Ill try to make a few different posts chronicling  my time there without being too overwhelming. I should of done this right when I got back because I am afraid I have forgotten a few things but ahhhh procrastination how I love you.

 We left Nashville and arrived in the Newark airport in the afternoon. From there we boarded for the long flight over the ocean. I couldn't sleep as hard as I tried during that red eye so I stayed up watching in flight movies instead. We arrived at like 7am Scotland time which is 1am Nashville time. Needless to say I was started to get tired quick. We went through customs, got our baggage and boarded a bus to take the drive to Berwick upon Tweed which is actually in England. We got to our hostel and found out that the rooms wouldn't be ready for hours. We were sent off to roam the town until later in the afternoon. I was about ready to drop but we rallied and went to explore.

 The toilets are way different over there.....so I took quite a few pictures of them...I guess Im odd.

I wanted to try fish n' chips since I mean how many Americans have heard of that over the years. It just seemed like the thing to do. We found a shop went in and I talked the waiter into giving us some free haggis bites to try. That was also one of the things I told myself I had to do while over seas. I loved it, everyone else was a little grossed out by it.

By the time we finally got to actually get into our hostel I was beyond tired, I also didnt want to just pass out either since I knew itd make dealing with jet-lag harder. I tried very hard to at least stay awake till dinner. The rest of that day mostly consisted of reading my history book for class the next day and wandering around the little town. Also figuring out how the money works. People there werent very nice or patient at how confused we were. 

I think Ill close this day with another toilet picture. I was just amazed by how sparkly it was...you cant really see it in this picture but I tried. This was at one of the few places actually opened past 5 in the afternoon. This town drove us all crazy at how early everything closed, the bars only were open till 12. We were still raring to go at that time. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little update

Hey y'all it's been a while again. I've just been so busy lately and I don't always want an audience in my life. But I'm back for a little while at least. I thought I'd do a post about my time abroad in Scotland and such. It was a pretty crazy experiance and while I had fun I think next time I'll go with friends instead of a bunch of strangers. I'll try to post that all this week. 

So yea that's a little update and I'm going to be trying to keep it up for now.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Pattys Day

I am so random at picking up on this blog. I thought I might pop back on and write a little.
I have been back in school now, going on my second semester. I was studying for Vet Tech but I am not sure if I will continue on with that in my next semester. I love animals but do I really want to be underpaid to clean up after them the rest of my life? Do any of yall know Vets/vet techs and can give some advice?
 I also have been interning at Waldens Puddle which is a wild life animal rehab center here in Joelton Tn. It is definitely ALOT more work then I originally thought it would be. The staff there are saints and deserve more then they get for real.

There are a few pictures of some of the animals I cared for while working. It was a rad experience that is for sure but I learned I def. do not want to work at a place like that when I graduate. Its good work and someone has to do it but I like to play with animals and you cant really do that with the wild ones haha. Prolly a stupid reason but I guess that's part of why they make us do internships so we can see if we really want to do this or not. I did love getting to feed the baby flying squirrels. They are so soft, kinda like sugar gliders.

OOOh also I got accepted to study abroad this summer, so this June I will be heading to Scotland for a month. Words can not describe how excited I am to finally be going to see where my family is from. I can not wait! I am gonna try haggis and learn to speak Gaelic and see castles and and and I dont even know what else but its gonna rule. 

Other then that life has been pretty quiet. Just studying a lot and hanging out with my dog. I am ready for summer break and maybe will be able to have a life again. This semester has really been kicking my butt. The weather has been so nice all I want to do is ride my bike and hangout outside all day long. 

Monday, February 4, 2013


I really suck at bloggin dont i??? I just cant find the time. I miss it though I do. I sometimes realize I dont want to share my life with the world and have to take little or large breaks.
Life has changed so much since the summer. I need to sum it all some time for the few people that are still hanging on and following me.

How have all yall been???