Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Happy pt 3

I finished another little mini cross stitch today, I messed the entire color scheme off but I think it looks good anyways.
Since I only work 3 days/week I have quite a bit of time on my hands on my lovely off days. I actually went to Hobby Lobby today to get a few more because I am almost all out of patterns. I think next time instead of getting kits I am going to get a pattern book and go from there. Thread is so cheap and I can keep the patterns forever. I need some ideas on what to do with all these little projects. My mom suggested a baby mobile but I have no kids and I dont want to give my first ones away...any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Happy pt 2

I finally finished another cross stitch project. Its taken me a lot longer then I thought it would but hey I am a slacker to the core.  It is another little cute cat, I seem to do a lot of cat crafts which is funny cause I dont overly like those critters. I do love Hedwig the Siamese and Piaff the Hairless wonder but that is about it. So here is a picture, yes its on my webcam...I know that is a no no but over look it this once please and thanks.

Pretty dang cute isnt it? I still am not done with the shirt I started, its almost there but I still have to do a few more things. I have found I really really love sewing. Maybe Ill become a seamstress!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

You know, I feel like I will always be an inconsistent blogger. I am ok with this. I hope at least a few people stay with me. Anywhoser,
 Its 1:26 in the morning right now and I can not for the life of me sleep because some ass rang our doorbell several times thus scaring me and not allowing me to sleep. I spent the last hour hiding in the basement because you know I am awesome like that but when the paid programming came on TV I decided to be brave some what and come up stairs. I feel as if this is a bad choice and I should go back down and hide forever but I dont like being down there either. This is why I need a large attack dog to keep me company through the long insomnia nights. BOO HISS!!!

Is anyone else gettting stoked for fall? Now I hate the cold and I cant stand winter in the least but when fall comes around I start feeling magic in the air and I cant help but get excited. October and November are the best months to me. It feels nice outside but not too cold and the air always smells really clean. I actually started this blog in November of last year, its kinda sad to admit since I dont even have like 100 posts yet. Like I said before I am a slacker.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Happy pt 1

I try to write down everyday something that makes me happy. Im going to start putting it here instead of just on paper. Today I am ecstatic because I finally got an Iphone. I have had one before but have been getting ripped off by Sprint for the past year. Thankfully Apple has the sweet 49$ Iphone deal so I jumped on that and snagged one up. Im an excited little lady right now. I am really glad I kept my Otterbox case too!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Sweet Italy

Its been about 6 months since my gama died and every Thursday since them my gramps comes over to eat. We try to always have something home cooked and fancy but we dont always have time. Ive been working till 7 the past bunch of Thursdays and haven't been able to cook so I finally convinced him to change to Tuesday. Anyways today I wanted to make lasagna from scratch. He always eats Marie Calenders which to me are disgusting and not good for you...ok this lasagna isnt good for you either but whatever.
This recipe is real easy and I dont really use any actual measurements so bare with me and just kinda eyeball everything or judge it as to how many people you are feeding. Also I like to make my own noodles and pasta sauce but obvs you can use cans and dried pasta too.

I get:
a package of Italian Saugage
a small package of ground beef
a can of tomato paste

Cook the meat

Drain the meat, you dont have to but I dont like all the excess grease 

There is a lot of it.

Cut some fresh herbs, I used thyme, rosemary and oregano. Stir them in. Oh also I put a small can of tomato paste in to thicken the sauce. 

I use the big jar of ricotta, it comes out in a fun shape if you squeeze it just right.

A handful of basil, 2 eggs, a tsp of salt a big package of mozzarella (its better to use fresh) and a handfulish of Parmesan cheese. 

Mix this all together.

Itll look something like this, save some of the cheese to put on the top when its done.

Start layering, use a thin coat of the sauce first,

I put the noodles to dry out a bit on a towel.

Noodle layer,

Delicious ricotta layer,

And start again. Make sure you end with the sauce.

Cover it with the rest of the cheese and bake at 375 for about an hour. This is simple isnt it? Itll work out great everytime and you can impress all your friends with all the "hard" work you put into their dinner. Also if you want to make the noodles you can use a simple egg dough which is flour, salt and egg and mix it till you get a dough like consistency. You have to roll it out a bunch till its really thin and this does take time but to me it makes the lasagna a lot more tasty.
Have fun and let me know if you end up making it!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing away

I finally got the balls to get a sewing pattern and attempt my first real project. I got just a plain shirt from JoAnns and have already cut out the pattern and washed the fabric. Tomorrow my mom is going to help me and I will be photographing the whole thing so yall can laugh at me. I encourage it, go ahead.
See ya then,

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I already said for my birthday I got a beautiful little assorted mix of cacti in a pot. They are dessert cacti but none of them were named so Im not really sure what they all are. I tried to find them in the interwebs but maybe Im not as good at lurking as I had thought. The flowering cacti in the picture below is pretty close looking to what one of the ones I have is. It came in a pot of rocks and Im wondering if I should repot them in something that was made more for them. I found a website but it was all too general for me.
Does anyone know what I should do? I do not want them to die, Id be bummed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Royal Pain

I have been away for a few days again. Ive been so busy lately that Ive been falling off of being regimented. Hopefully Ill get back into the swing of things soon. Tomorrow we are celebrating my brothers 17th birthday so today I made smores cupcakes and a red velvet cake for dessert. I am pretty excited for things to come and Ill write a longer post tomorrow. Its late and I dont have the patience to write it all out right now.

Nite Nite!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

All kinds of things

This week has been really slow at work. Im trying not to get worried. Most of August is fair time in Lebanon so the salon has been really busy itself. People really go all out for the entirety of the fair, I have a few makeup applications booked for Monday and Friday so at least a little money will be coming in. I pretty much have just been doing everyone's family members and not getting tipped.
I finally got my car back after not having it for a few weeks but it was a ton of money to get it fixed so now I am even more worried about paying for all that. I would like to be one of those people who dont get so bent outta shape about dollar bills.

In other news me and dad have been continuing to ride bikes almost everyday. We have been going to the greenway in east nashville and riding all the way to the shelby bottoms greenway. The other day we went a little over 16 miles, I thought I was gonna die. My whole body was burning and tired. It was awesome!!
I have been looking for another bike for my dad to ride and to fix up. Its taken a while but I finally found a really rad Raleigh Grand Sport. Its robins egg blue and the perfect size, I love it! The brakes need to be replaced and the gears need to be tweaked but other then that its running smooth. I would have a picture but as always my phone sucks and wont let me email it to myself. Ill do an entire post on it when I have it all fixed up.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Im 21!!!

The last few days have been a whirl wind of things. I had a few things scheduled to post about but honestly I have a poor memory.

I celebrated my 21st birthday August 4th, which was this Thursday. I actually had to work because I had a client scheduled but of course my luck is rad and she cancelled right after I got to work. I did end up getting a few facials and waxes that day regardless but I was still kinda bummed that I had to be there, especially since only one of them was actually a paying client.
After work I went home to a yummy home cooked meal of chicken cassaroll and green beans with almonds. You know I am southern so any occasion calls for a good cassaroll. That is definitely my favorite meal ever in the whole world!! I got a little display of 4 potted cacti and some nice silk sheets from my family. I do love my family.
Friday I had to go to a promotional even for the salon at the outlet mall in Lebanon...aka no pay just sit there and try to get people that dont want to talk to you to have a conversation. Before I started the new job I hadnt really ever been to that city so I cant be sure but people sure were giving me the stink eye. Apparently it is a rare day to see a tattooed person there. GREAT JOB KELLERS!!! I hope soon people will stop judging me so I can get some business!!
It ended up looking like rain so we left early and I went home. My cousin Kristen invited me to go out to eat with her but I still dont have my car so she had to come pick me up. I know she is 19 almost 20 now but I still think of her as a little kid so it was weird for me for her to have to come get me. We never get to see each other so we had plenty to talk about while we ate. I wish we could hangout more but during the school year she lives almost 2 hours away.
After she dropped me off Jess came and got me for my first night out at as a legal adult. My stomach was in knots and I almost didnt want to go but I convinced myself to get over it.
The first bar we went to the door guy didnt want to let me in which was funny. I felt like I had a huge sign over my head that said NOOOB!!! That bar was hilarious, there were all these older folk doing karaoke really really badly. Needless to say we had one drink and left. The night was still young.
The next bar I dont remember the name but it was a honky tonk bar. We did not fit in and the drinks were way too expensive so we ended up just using the bathroom and walking out.
Jess wanted to just go to East Nashville after this so we headed to the car for the short drive. We went into 3 crow bar for our second to last bar and just people watched. I liked that bar the most, it was chill at the time and had a lot of familiar faces. Also the staff were super nice...I sound like such a nerd.
Our last bar was Red Door. This one was so crowded and busy. One of my other friends ended up coming to hangout for the rest of the time we were there which was really rad. I also ran into several random people that I havent seen in forever. I never knew how many people all hangout at the same dang bars.
It was kinda sad that I invited so many people and everyone said they would come out but really it was just Brittany and Jess. What can you do right? I had a ton of fun regardless. It was nice to be able to really let lose and have fun.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Teeth and other things

Today has been a long long day it seems. I woke up early to go to my dental appointment. A lady in the waiting room trapped me to tell me stories about how bad fluoride is for you and that if you use it then you are killing yourself. I wanted to run away from her but I was afraid she might follow. When I got back in the exam room I thought again about running away but instead decided to go through with it. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I worked myself up a bit too much but hey I havent been in forever so sue me. Over 500$ and an hour later half of my teeth are fixed and its on to the next one.

Since changing my job I am now an independent contractor aka I have no clue how to do my taxes so my dad helped me out with learning all that. Its pretty weird, I have to make myself remember to keep all my reciepts etc. Then while I had him in my clutches I decided to get him to help me with blog design as it completely confuses me. Obviously the page is different but also rather ugly so it wont stay that way for long mostly we had to change the previous layout to something else because the code was messed up and wouldnt allow us to make any changes. Um now I will shut up with my nerd speech.

Does it ever weird you guys out when someone in real life comments about something on your blog? I had a friend do that the other day and I will tell you its just something I feel like I wont get used to. Im like whaaat you read my boring silly blog...CRAZAAY!! I never realize that people notice me or know who I am. I always feel like a tiny blip on the worlds radar.

Anyways thats all for now. Ive been lurking this ladys blog and all her recipes. Of course I will be attempting to make those yummy looking cauldron cakes and working on my tummy! Wish me luck!!