Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whats in a name

I need to name my bike but I am at a loss as to what to name it.
Me and my pops are going to go out on a ride tonight when I get off work and hopefully Ill come up with something then. I am so stinking excited to have finally found one still. It makes me want to get off work even worse now so I can go ride.

Hopefully this will further motivate me to keep exercising and staying fit!!

Well Im at work and I have a client coming in so this one has to be short but Ill be back to update asap. Im going to try to sponsor some blogs this month. Taking a leap of blogfaith!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ive got a bike you can ride it if you like...

Today is a dang great day!!
After being awake listening to it storm all night and our power going out I missed my dentist appointment this morning so I figured it was not going to be a good day. Thankfully I was wrong.

Its funny how sometimes my dad is my worst enemy and other times he can be my best friend you know? We started off the morning right by going on a 4 mile walk at the Greenway then we went home to unstink ourselves before going to lunch. My dad has an obsession with Meat and Threes so we went to a delish place around the corner called Call's. Its a quaint little place with the best Chicken n' Dressing in town.
We both love to explore so after this we set off to the Old Hickory area for some house lurking. I found a few that I would love to buy...or at least live at. They are all perfect precious little houses that would fit for a child named Kelley.

This one is my favorite. Its surprising how affordable these houses are. Of course I dont have alot of credit as I'm only 21 but hey whatever its fun to look right?!
So after we drove around for a while we went home and basically right after getting home a guy finally texted me back telling me about the best part of the day!!

Which is this......

I have been looking for a bike for quite a while now and finally found one that I love for a great price. Its so exciting! I have been using Cristie from A city birds nest as my friendly guide into the world of bikes. She has been so great in helping me find the perfect one. Ive been trolling dear old Craigslist non stop and finally came upon this Raleigh 12 speed. Its super light and the perfect size for me annnnd its red which is also the color of my Beetle. The tires are pretty old and busted so the duder I got it from even gave me some replacements for FREEEE!! Pretty dang nice if you ask me Yes indeed. I can not wait to be biking around without falling off very soon. Actually I am very clumsy for Im sure Ill still fall but maybe not as much.

Hooray for today!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Always ready for the weekend

It always feels like every day is either the start of my week or the start of my weekend. As in Saturday afternoon or Wednesday's really weird. I just started noticing this a few weeks ago, its weirding me out!! I have 3 days a week off which I KNOW I KNOW I am lucky for having this schedule but I somehow skip right through my weekend right on to the forever long week. Do any of yall feel this way too?

ANYWAYS, this week end has been really good so far. It made up for my horrible work week. Saturday Jess came and got me and took me on a baby date to our favorite bureet joint, Qdoba. It was yummy as always, we hungout outside watching people and talking for a bit before he had the bright idea to go to one of his friends houses in the boro. Now as I feel like yall should realize by now I HAVE ANXIETY PROBLEMS AND IM SHY!!! So I dont like parties or groups of people unless I know them all pretty well. But alas I wanted to be nice so off we went. It was of course really awkward and when we finally left no one told me by or even acknowledged me so I will definitely not be going back. I wish I wasn't so shy but its not easy for me. We drove back to his house in Spring-hill and watched movies and played with Hedwig until we fell asleep.

Sunday and today we pretty much laid around like lazy butts all day, watched movies, played with Hedwig, wrestled, you know the normal. It was broken only by going on a small walk and an ice cream run. I love me some chocolate ice cream. Now I am back home hanging out with my dad while we both sit on the computer. Oh my life, what is this!!!??

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to Wander

I am so in need of another adventure. I feel like I have been in Nashville too long and I need a break.
Starting to get so antsy, someone tempt me into coming to visit you. I may do it!!
I want to go overseas so badly. I need to get a job where I travel this whole staying in one place business is not for me. Why am I not on tour again??!!
Its funny how over my job I am, I like to switch it up you know. Id like to get a new job (i know its bad for resumes) every few months if it was possible. Is anyone else like this? What is your dream job? Where would you go if money wasn't a problem?

Here I am, cause I never post pictures and why not. I was irritated as all get out at work today. YES I am ready for a new job, new things to learn, new things to do, NEW NEW NEW!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Hot Yoga

I really miss going to Hot Yoga every night. It made me feel so good and healthy to be consistently working out, but the monthly membership is something like 170$ which is way too pricey for me. I already feel like Im getting less flexible and its only been like a week.
Does anyone have a good suggestion on what to do instead or a more affordable place to go?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitten Cross Stitch

Ive been cross stitching like mad lately, here is my newest one. I think he's got a really cute mischievous  face on him.
I went to hobby lobby and Joe Ann's today were they were having a sale on all things cross stitch. I was looking for this particular brand but sadly they only have this kitten and the hedgehog Ive already done. I did get about 5 more other small ones though so Ill be starting on them tomorrow.
I think I am getting better at it...I did mess up on the outlining of the paws a bit though.
Oh well, feel free to show me your crafty projects!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I only have 3 more days left of my month of Hot Yoga, booooo!!! I am going to miss it so much! Ive gotten so used to going and working out every day after work but I really just cant justify spending 170$ for another month, too bad they arent offering the groupon rate again. I have been searching really hard for another gym to join for a month but I am having trouble deciding. DO you guys have any suggestions?

I got to hangout with Jenny and Aubrey yesterday, its pretty crazy how big that baby has gotten in the few weeks since I have seen her. She is like a little doll. We went to Green Hills because Jenny decided that she wanted to try a Diva Cup. In my opinion that is soooo gross but hey to each her own eh eh eh?! Anyways I never knew how much delicious looking foods they sold there, it was very hard but I resisted in the end!!
Its rare and very nice when I get to have lady hangouts.

Today was for me pretty scary and tense. I am not a big fan of storms and its was pretty crazy all day long over where I work. Thankfully it didnt scare any of my clients away and I walked away making ok money!! HOORAY!!!

Ok enough for today, I know none of its too exciting but whatevs yall!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A bit about my own self

I found this on Her Library Adventure's blog and I thought it was pretty cute so I figured Id do it too.

A. Age: 20

B. Bed size: Queen!!! with zebra sheets

C. Chore that you hate: cleaning others messes

D. Dogs: none at the mo'

E. Essential start to your day: stretching to realign my spine

F. Favourite color: red

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 6 feet tall lady

I. Instruments you play: Ive played violin, guitar and flute.

J. Job title: aesthetician, come get a facial from me!!

K. Kids: Prolly only ones that are covered in fur, I love babies but I like that I can give them back at the end of the day.

L. Live: Music City,

M. Mother's name: Jeanie

N. Nicknames: Kellers, kiki,

O. Overnight hospital stays: None as of yet

P. Pet peeve: anyone who doesnt like the Nanny, loud noises make me feel funny, people who leave me alone in the dark

Q. Quote from a movie:  "OOMPAAAAA" -big fat greek wedding

R. Right or left handed: LEFT

S. Siblings: a big sister and a little brother

T. Time you wake up: 8 wed to fri, 7 on saturday, and whenever I want the rest

U. Underwear: animal printed, I love animal printings

V. Vegetable you hate: Peas!!!! I literally am a human garbage dump, I eat anything but I cant abide peas

W. What makes you run late: taking too long to do my makeup, I love makeup

X. X-Rays you've had: teeth, hand, head, spine,

Y. Yummy food that you make: I can cook anything, I love to cook

Z. Zoo animal: I cant pick just one! I love animals!! a type would be the big cats, they are so amazing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I finally got my internets back at my house!! Expect there to be regular blogging from now on....actually dont cause I am horrible at consistency.

Saturday the power was out at my spa so after sitting around for a few hours I left to go home and enjoy the rest of my day. My cousin was in charge of an estate sale so I ended up swinging by there for a few hours. There was nothing worth looking at but it was fun regardless. I never get to see her enough since she goes to school over an hour away and I work all the time.

Later the night Jess came and picked me up. We hung out at his house and this morning we left for Lewisburg to pick up his birthday present.

He is a 6 week old lynx point Siamese and we named him Hedwig. Isnt he just gorgeous?! If I really love someone I get them an animal, so I guess this is good for Jess haha. His birthday isnt until July but when I saw this litter I had to jump on them. Hedwig had the best markings of the whole litter and hes just perfect.
We had to go waaay out in the sticks to get him but he is totally worth it!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I miss

I never thought I would say this but I really miss having internet at home. I dont like having to go places if I want to get on a real computer. I do have a smart phone but it only shows so much.

Today is a beautiful busy day, actually this whole week has been insane at work. Its awesome but very tiring. I have also been trying really hard to go to yoga every night so I dont usually get home till 9:30 after leaving the house at 9 am. Its a long day but Ive been feeling better then ever!!

On Monday I was at a meeting for learn more about the Jan Marini line that we use in the spa and I flushed my keys down the hotel toilet. Not my best moment haha.

I am definitly ready for the weekend and some much needed relaxation!!!  Hows yalls weeks going?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


My internet has not been working the past while and blogger doesnt work on my phone so yes I have been MIA for a while. I dont really have too much to report though, pretty much just working and working out as usual.
I am really excited where hot yoga has been taking me. I can see definition starting to form in my arms and stomach finally!!! The weird thing is I have been eating less and working out once if not 2 times a day but I actually have gained weight, what is going on body!!! Quit that!!

This week is so busy at work its not even funny. The groupon that we sold in December is expiring this month so everyone has been rushing in to claim their services. I have had like 3 of the big two hour packages everyday, PLUS other smaller services!! Its definitely a lot for my poor back to handle.

I am ready for another vacation/roadtrip!! I want to go back to California or actually if I can save enough money I would really like to go to Europe!!!

I got to go back to work now but Ill see yall later!!!