Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taking Flight

Ive been feeling really stressed lately, like I havent had enough time for life. I graduated Paul Mitchell three months ago now and up until a few days ago hadnt done anything with it. Less then a week after I graduated I got a job back at Performance for the halloween season, after that I started working at Walgreens and havent stopped.

SOOOOO that is why I didnt have time for my boards until a few days ago when I took and passed my theory test. HOOORAY!! I was so scared to take it, but my mom studied with me forever before it, even though we got delusional from sleep deprivation we made it though.

Now my next and final test is the 6th then I get to start the oh so fun task of finding a real job and starting my career. Stress is mounting. Can it be done already?
Can I have time for friends and my dog and going out and having fun again???!! Please??!!!

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