Friday, January 21, 2011


Its the new year and I havent even posted anything yet. I dont know how I am so good at Twittering on a daily basis and even tumblr but I cant get the hang of actually blogging. One of my goals is to try to post a few times a week.

Soooo in this new year already I
passed my state boards
am a licensed esthetician
filled out a bazillion job aps
sent out a bazillion resumes
had a few interviews
nothing overly hopefull

All I know is I need out of Walgreens and I need it now. That job is sucking the life out of me. I know I am probably being a baby about it, not everyone gets to have a good job but when I look around to see so many people with jobs that dont suck it takes me a bit on the j side. I dont think it is too much to ask to have a job that is creative and body mod friendly now is it? I am definitly not made for retail. It literaly drains a piece of me every day I go in.
If anyone out there is reading this for some obscure reason and can hook me up I will gladly take any job you would like to throw at me.

Im not into new years resolutions and I did a tumblr post vaugly about this but some of my new years goals are:
To get in cliche right
To make and stick to a much as my job allows
To eat better/ homecooked foods...since my gamas been sick thats kinda fallen away
To get an esthetics/creative based job...if there are any out there
To find ways to be creative/do art every day
To find a few more classes to take to expand my esthetics knowledge
Find a gym and become a member
Find a new place to live
and last but not least
Quit letting my fears control me

I think this is a bit daunting but if I actually try to stick to it then it can work out right??


  1. I am reading this, but I do not have a creative job to offer, sorry. I know how it feels, I also would like a job that makes my art degree worthwhile! WHERE ARE THE GOOD JOBS!????

  2. maybe we just need to create our own. I am obsessed with people who are self employed. im too afraid to do it.

  3. Maybe that's what makes it work.. Being afraid that it could fail at any time.

  4. Im trying to get the courage.
    what do you want to do in life?