Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I dont want to be so weighed down anymore. Im confused about my future, Im afraid about the coming death of my gama, Im lonely for my past friends and constantly frustrated.

My heart is stone heavy right now. I dont like being this way. Im not a sad camper ever but the past few months Ive been an outright nightmare. I feel bad that Jess has to deal with it honestly.

I am trying to be more positive I really am...I promise!!!

On a better note I think the supplements my gramps got me for my knee are helping. Pain free for two days so far. I hope it continues but Im afraid it might be that I havent been working as much.
Also my hands are so cold they are vampire white haha did I really just say that. BUT seriously its kinda gross looking.

Whatever why am I still typing this useless post.
hooodywhooo yalllll!!!


  1. you can never bring me down, I like being there for you and I try my dardest to make you feel better, things will get better...they just have to.