Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cupcake Gore

Last week my lady friends boy was having a book signing. He had written a book called "The ABC's of Serial Killers" and was going to be reading it to all who came. We decided to make some cuppycakes to feed that masses and to establish ourselves in the catering world. (or at least that was my idea) 
He wanted something that would go with the murder theme so we decided to attempt to make these...

The recipe we used is from The Zombie Ate My Cupcake, I dont have the book with me or I would share it with yall. No the finished product wasnt even close to looking that cool but its ok, I think ours looked pretty darn cute anyways. We made about a million of them and I will tell you piping icing on that many cupcakes is a darn work out for the hands/arms.


  1. Hello!!!!!

    Have you made any more recently? Or been on any more impromptu trips to weird houses? :)
    Hope you are well?

    1. I am well...I just realized today that I haven't been on here in a coons age and. Maybe I should check it out again. How are you?