Monday, December 7, 2015

First week/end down....

Every morning since this began I've woken up earlier than I normally do. Put on the kettle, (I've found a new love of tea) done some yoga to get my blood flowing, made actual breakfast, (which is a huge deal) and given myself time to meditate and fully wake up in time for work. By the way I'm always there early now!!!

At night, since I no longer have people to occupy my time after work, I very meticulously plot my path to bed. There's sleepy time yoga along with chamomile tea and honey. I meditate and listen to quiet music whilst cuddling my dogs. And finally around 11 I settle into bed with a book and read myself to sleep.

Pretty big upgrade I'd say from where I'd normally polish off my drink from the previous night in the morning and finish my night cuddling with a bottle.

I just finished my first booze free weekend and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I was tempted I'll admit and it wasn't easy but I fucking did it!!!

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