Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Me

So I'm not overly good at writing or telling people about myself....I dont really even know why I'm writing a blog....cause all the cool kids are doing it maybe? Cause I want to achieve world fame by this little old blog...yes definitly...

So lets see a little about myself...Im 20...recently graduated from Paul Mitchell. Actually I just graduated for real last night, first time I ever graduated from anything in fact! Oh and no I didnt go for hair, I went for Esthetics...whats that you are probably asking...Its basically skincare/waxing/ etc.
I dont use my training at all right now but Im working on getting my boards and putting it all into use.
Makeup/Special Effects is my passion and I am trying my hardest to get into it more then just working at the cosmetics counter at your friendly neighborhood Walgreens.

What else....I own a bulldog (Thor), Im obsessed with cosmetic products, I have the best friend in the world annnnd PBR will forever be my beer of choice. Judge me!!

I think thats about it for now....bored yet?

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