Thursday, November 18, 2010


I got alot of things going on today.
Work which is as always very mindless but also sometimes entertaining. We get the crazyest people in at times. Like the guy who came in and tried to convience me that America was all a conspiracy and the floride was meant to kill us and the flu shots....yea he gave me literature to read. It was awesome. I think i need to scan the page and post it up here. It will blow your mind and turn your bad mood good.

Then on to a job interview at a gas station...I know, graduate from school and get yet another pointless job...but money controls the world and may be my master so I must bow to its demand. The lady seemed to like me so keep your fingers crossed.

I left the interview and was excited to get home and relax when my mom asked me to go get a frozen turkey from my gamas rush hour traffic...42 minutes and a heart attack later I made it saftly. They fed me watered me and we were just sitting down to watch a movie when I rememberd that I had to go pick my dog up so off I rushed, massive frozen turkey in hand, to get him.

I went home tried Garniers Sleek and Shine blow dry perfector....which I must say I like. It made my hair super smooth and straight...hung out with my mom, got some world class bad news and watched CSI cause we are obsessed..

Now Thor is hanging out snoring by my side as Im trying to wind down so I can rest before it all starts back again tomorrow. Im bushed but I dont think Ill get much sleep..too much is going through my mind.

Im trying my hardest to get the word out to people to get them to do their makeup for my portfolio...once I get more readers Ill try to make it worth everyones while if you promote for me.
Did I mention that I am horrible at writing??/ Welp I am.
Goodnight loves.

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