Saturday, October 1, 2011


 Last Friday I went to hangout with a new friend, we originally planned to just hangout downtown Nashville and get a little silly. After we hung out downtown it was around 1:30 am so we went to Dragon Park to plan our next move. He convinced me it would be a good idea to travel an hour away to see this tree house. It sounded like a grand idea but I was sleepy so I tricked him into driving and fell asleep.
I woke up a few hours later still in a moving car. Kinda freaked me out a bit as it was around 4 in the morning and I was not prepared to still be driving. I was so tired though that I ended up getting over it and just falling back to sleep until a few hours later. When I woke up I got really confused because the time on my phone and the time on the car clock were different so I knew we were in a different time zone somehow...and we were still driving. He wouldnt tell me where we were going at all which was funny but also a bit odd. We stopped at a gas station so I darted inside to question people...they all lied to me and said we were in North Carolina. Its like they knew what he was planning, creepers!!!
So finally he admitted that he was trying to get to Gatlingburg but was lost. Ive been wanting to go back there for ever so I was pretty darn stoked that he drove through the night to surprise me.
When we finally got there instead of stopped he drove all the way though to the Clingmans Dome over look dealy. Hes all oh its only 1/2 a mile to the top so I was like yea lets go up to the top...that is until I saw the trail. IT WAS STRAIGHT UP!!

These pics were from the very top of the trail dome thingmajig. It was rad once we got to the very top. I was into it. After we got to the bottom we left Gburg to go to the tree house. It was pretty funny that we did that since it took like 4 or 5 hours to get there and we just left like it was nothing. I kinda wanted to look around but hey next time yall.
Like an hour or so away from Nashville there is a creepy huge ass tree house that is also a church. Now I am not religious and very very religious people scare me so I was pretty apprehensive about getting out of the car.

These are people the guy carved for his church...Im not sure if they are supposed to be members or are characters in the Bible..

This is the lawn from the top/5th story of the tree house...yea its a jesus flag. I was like wtf are we doing here. They are gonna smell I dont like them and sacrifice me as a reminder.

This was the belltower at the very top. It shook in the wind. I didnt stay up there long. Also the steps getting up to the top were so far apart I almost had to get on my hand and knees to get up them.

Apparently they had a problem with people using all the beds for "other" uses so they stripped off the mattresses.

View from the inside looking down at the sanctuary...

And here is what is looks like from the outside...CRAZY PEOPLE!!!
There were tons of people camped out around the place with a million kids and right when we left 3 huge church busses pulled in so I was glad we left when we did.
If yall are ever in Crossville and either brave or into this shit then I recommend going to visit!!


  1. THIS is what's metal with America. You can drive for hours and be in a different time zone. WOOOAHAHAHAHH. Here you can drive for 14 hours say from London to North Scotland and still have the same time. I know this is because time zones work 'horizontally' but still, pretty odd. Was your friend not very tired?

    Your trip sounds like a good one though, and you learnt a bit, which is not too bad for a night out!! Hardcore religiousness also scares me a little, but each to their own.

    Also, you were above the clouds!!!!!! :)

  2. HOLY CRAP. That's crazy. The whole story, I mean! I would have been equally freaked out, I am sure....religious people freak me out a bit too...I am glad you survived and don't have to live on one of those horrible box springs!

  3. I love that you just said America is metal!!
    You know, it blows my mind that you can drive a few hours and get to different countries over in your neck of the world. I wish I could do that so bad!!
    He was tired but he apparently doesnt sleep much anyways so he was good.

    Im happy I got away from the religious and didnt have to live on those dang springs either haha.

  4. Haaa! \m/ \m/
    I didn't mean metal but I like that I wrote it too!!

    Surely they stuff their PJs to make it comfy? It'd give them bruises?

  5. what did you mean? I think we are pretty metal haha

    I dont think they are wearing pjs....ZINGG