Saturday, November 5, 2011

Car Woes

This week has been one for the story books. October is always weirdly a hard month for me and this year was no exception. It started and ended with a bang. I guess technically the worst bit happened on the beginning of November but whatevers. 
One of my friends Josh is hitch hiking across America with one of his friends Kevin. Josh had planned to come stay with me a few days and was supposed to get dropped off in Nashville. They ended up not being able to get a ride so I offered to drive the 2.5 hours to Henderson Ky to come get them. I got all the way there, only getting lost once, picked them up at an Applebees got about 10 minutes down the road then I literally blinked and I had an airbag in my face and my car was spinning out of control.  When the car finally stopped we were stunned and choking on the airbag dust. I had to force my door to open a little bit so I could squeeze out. We looked around and didnt see a dang thing that we could of hit. Finally a man comes running up and is like are yall ok? We were all uh yes what happened. Apparently he had been stalling, tried to get on the left side of the road from the right side and slammed into us, his car stopped and mine hurtled on down the road a good 100ish yards until stopping in the median almost in oncoming traffic. As you can see in the picture most of the left front side is gone along with a ton of other things. My poor baby car that I just spent almost a grand fixing up is now demolished and gone.
It was one of the most horrifying things Ive dealt with. I was terrified my passenger friends had been hurt and it had been my fault. Im still beating myself up about it all.
I am very grateful I had those two boys with me. I was pretty out of it and they immediately stepped up to get it sorted. They made sure I was ok first and stayed by me and gave me hugs the entire time. I didnt realize how import human touch was but it definitely kept me grounded and made me feel a ton better. I'm not used to being taken care of or treated that nice. I really cant express how grateful I am for them.
After every thing was taken care of we got taken back to the where i picked them up and waited till my dad came to get us. 
I got to spend a few days with them, they left yesterday. I had to stop myself from crying. I definitely always have a hard time when friends leave. I always get emotional and wish the world was a bit smaller. I am a silly little person I suppose. I guess its really rare to find good people and when it happens its hard to watch them leave. Oh well. I am alive, they are alive, the people in the other car are alive, things will get better. Ill be ok in a few days. Life is good. 


  1. shit. Oh my goodness, this is an awful thing to have happened. Are you still okay? No stiff neck or back? Was it the other drivers fault? Will you get a successful insurance claim from it?

    I am so glad that you are alive and it wasn't more serious to result in major injury or worse. How did you get your car back? How did you all get home? xx

  2. I am ok. I busted my knees, and had seatbelt burn on my neck and still have pretty deep bruises on my neck, left shoulder, and tummy. my back still hurts but im hopefully going to get a massage at work and ill be good as new. definitely could of been a lot worse.
    I dont know whos fault it is yet. I am hoping his of course, I need a new car now and I def cant afford one on my own.

    Im not getting it back since its totaled, so its in a junk yard and monday i have to get all my things out. My dad came and picked us up in Kentucky and took us back to my house.

  3. oh wow, your knees, I would have never had thought of those being hurt. Good job you work in a place that you can be given some TLC!
    I really hope it all works out for you with your car, it was a very lovely car! x

  4. oh my gosh! lady!!! i am glad you are okay and you didn't get hurt! oh you poor thing! well at least it wasnt your fault. so does that mean you will get your insurance to fix it? oh i hope so! so so so glad you & your passengers didn't get hurt!

  5. Martha - yea it was wild. I guess I just slammed forward onto the underparts hard enough that itd bust them.

    CB - I dont know if its my fault or not yet. Apparently now the other party is acting like they got hurt now so its going to take longer to see what happens. I guess this is another reason why bikes are better.