Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Womens Bike Blogs

I again was lurking away at my stats and saw this. It sparked my curiosity so I went a looking and was pretty stoked to find my little ole blog mentioned on its pages. Its a list of lady bikers who blog about their experiences. I am now following a ton more women and have a lot more reading to do. I prolly should start riding again. I haven't ridden much since my wreck. I actually busted my knees worse then I had originally thought and its just been too painful to deal with.

Also on that page it says I am based outta Australia...Im not really yall dont be confused lol. I wish I lived there that'd be rad as all get out.

Anyways who is stoked for Turkeyday?? I sure am! I have been cooking my jolly little butt off.


  1. I love seeing where my blog hits are coming from, sometimes you find some really funny ones (my blog seems to pop up on alot of gambling sites :S) but sometimes you find one that makes you smile - and this one sounds like one of those!


  2. im on that list too! love barb!

    happy new year!