Friday, November 18, 2011

Traffic Control

I was looking at my traffic sources...I have the most random ones. Like ( ) I mean what are you and how did you find my blog from that site?? I am very curious. Also people find me from very strange search words like blue bike or ugly interview shirt. It also really creeps me out though when someone will look up something correct like KelleyKronic nashville exact dude. WHO ARE YOU!!!??

Crazy yall!!


  1. i know i get really weird searches too! like wearing a diaper is one and there is this goth facebook website that i get hits from all the time, so so weird!
    i am so glad you love mr humprey! i just new when you requested him i had to make him!

  2. I also got one from an ugg website. I don't think I've even talked about uggs.

    I'm really stoked you did!! Let me know when he goes on sale I'll buy the first one!!