Monday, July 2, 2012

Centennial Park

For those of yall not living in Nashville...which I think is pretty much everyone, Centennial Park is a real happening place. During the summer they have a lot of activities that I like to go to but I never knew that they had a museum inside the main building until about a month ago. These pictures are kinda old now but since I am trying to start this up again I figured Id share them. My brother graduated high school in May so my sister and her husband came up from Georgia to attend his graduation. While they were here we played tourists and went all around Nashville seeing the sights. Apparently back in the day Centennial was created for the Worlds Fair that they had in multiple cities, it wasnt meant to be permanent and most of the buildings were actually torn down at the end of the fair. The picture below is what is used to look like, the one underneath that is what its like now. 
The downstairs is all artifacts and information, while the upstairs is home to a 42 foot replica of Athena. Its pretty unreal looking at her. I couldn't imagine the effort it took to get her created. The last two pictures are of my mom, dad and sister standing beside these massive 7 ton doors that close the Parthenon off from the crowds. 
It was a pretty rad thing to get to explore and I recommend anyone visiting to come check it out!!


  1. looks like a neat place. I'm still trying to convince my husband that we need to move to Nashville. Fingers crossed!