Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random road trips

I decided out of the blue last Sunday night that I needed to visit my sister in Savannah Georgia. I hopped on a Megabus and 4 hours later I was in Atlanta where my sister was coming to pick me up.  Have y'all ever heard of Megabus? I just found out about it not too long ago. It's amazing and so so cheap!!  I'll be posting a more thorough blog later on about my trip. I just got home yesterday and I am already wanting to plan my next trip.


  1. yay for spontaneous trips! :) hahah I'm excited to hear more about this megabus!

  2. Oh wow, I thought Megabus was a UK only thing! Funnily enough my friend's going travelling in the US next year and we were joking about how good it'd be if there was a Megabus, and there is!x

    1. I LOVE MEGABUS!!! I found out it was in the UK and got really excited since i am trying to make a trip in the summer