Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leiper's Fork

While my sister and her husband were visiting, another place we went exploring was Leipers Fork. Its a quaint little town outside of Franklin and one of my favorite places to visit. To get there you have a really nice rural drive on the Natchez Trace, which me and my dad like to escape to whenever possible.  
The town is pretty small but is filled with really cute shops, an amazing antique store and a cute little local grocery. I have been gardening a lot lately and I found an amazing area that I want to replicate for my house. You can see what it looks like in the last picture.
If you ever get a chance go see this place, go on a drive on the Natchez Trace and enjoy some simple family time. Oh and begin your day eating some good old southern cuisine at the Loveless Cafe which used to be a hotel and is now a restaurant, shops and an entertainment barn. 

Leipers Fork got its name from people who jumped off this bridge. I don't think Id want to be one of the people who own the land under this.

This is from a rare/old bookstore in Leipers Fork. It has a whole room of historical memorabilia. 

This magical machine is called a shaving machine which lead my family into laughing hysterically for a while until they explained that its actually for shaving records...not body parts.

I just gotta get some kinda weirdness in each post. 

These painting are from an art gallery we went to. I loved this cute sheep series. If I ever have a child Ill have something like this in the nursery. 

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