Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This weekend was not too great. Friday night I attempted to go out Downtown but as usual when I get a Saturday off it rains on Friday. It quit raining for a small time but of course it ended up down pouring so we went back home to watch movies and eat Taco Bell. I swore off fast food for a good while so this was a bit of a treat.
The next day I went home and was supposed to hangout with various people all weekend but all ditched so I ended up staying home and pretty much reading and watching movies until Monday night when I went to Subway to see my friend Brittany. I waited around for 4 hours until closing time so we could hangout. It was nice to see someone different for a change. We went back to her house and stayed up till 3 talking about everything under the sun.
Man my whole weekend summed up into one paragraph am I sad or what?
Im hanging out with my mom now watching Second Hand Lions, one of my favorite movies ever. I really want to go ahead and go to sleep but its only 8 and Ill end up staying up the whole night if I do.
Tomorrow KaelahBee, EllWoodward and I will be going to our first Hot Yoga class...I admit I am really nervous. Ive never taken any kind of exercise class before and Ive never met those two ladies before. I am horribly shy but hopefully it will go well. I am hoping my friend Amanda will be coming too but she's busy tomorrow so it will have to be another day. We all bought one month memberships to the Hot Yoga place on Elliston so I am going to try my hardest to go everyday and make the most of it.
Yall wish me luck now ya hear?!

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