Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something Borrowed

One of my co workers gave me a few books yesterday, one of them being something borrowed. I am only a couple of chapters in but its pretty good so far. I don't really know a whole lot about it, actually I didn't even know that its apparently a movie. I am so out of it lately, pretty much a certified old lady.

My mom made burgers today to celebrate my brothers ex girlfriends one but my mom likes her, my brother isn't even home either. The only reason why I am here is to eat the free food. I really wish she would leave so I could walk around my house without feeling weird. Did I mention that she is turning 19 and my brother is 16...and she is still obsessed with him. How weird is that?! I would never ever date anyone a month younger then me and hes like 3 years younger then her. PLEASE GET OUT OF OUR LIVES CRAZY!!

Last night me and Jess were actually going to go out on a Friday night but like always when I have Saturday off it rained. We ended up walking around for a few minutes and leaving downtown. I hate leaving my favorite place in the world! We went back to his house and spent the night as usual watching movies. I am starting to get tired of this, I need action! I need adventure! I need another trip!! Or a party, a group of new friends SOMETHING!!!
My mom and I were going to go to Savannah, Georgia to see my sister this weekend but money ended up being to tight so it wasn't possible. I miss her so much, I need help convincing her to move back home. Maybe I just need to move I dont know.

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