Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love mothers day. Again with the food and family!! I love my mommy!! She really is the greatest! I would be a lost mess without her. I got her really silly presents for today, a huge singing card, mom necklace, mom mug and a chain necklace. I think she liked them...or she could of been just saying that I dont know.
Me and my parents went over to my Aunt Kims to eat food with my dads parents. It was great, I never get to see them so it's good to get to hangout. We had tons of laughs and good food. Unfortunately everyone got so full and sleepy that it was cut short but maybe we will have a get together sooner rather then later. My grandparents are having a serious battle with wild life right now, they have a family of possums underneath their house. Gross I hate those creatures so much, they creep me out. They found a new hole from some kind of creature and filled with gas and lit it before leaving for our meal....not too much into the environment I know. They were born in a completely different time then us so I dont even try to change minds anymore.
Now, I ordered a pizza from Domino's, my mom is jacking my cross-stitch, our new neighbors are shooting off guns and my pops is about to go pick up the food, pretty good end to a pretty good day I would say.

Last night me and Jess went downtown to people watch as usual, we met a new friend Dustin. It was pretty stinking awkward but thats ok, its too be expected with me. We met a funny man who told us stories about his life in Nashville and I got a marriage proposal from a homeless man selling flowers...I said yes so he rewarded me with a small rose. He told me he loved me and scampered off, I think Jess got jealous which was kind of annoying cause he kept trying to get me to throw away the flower. Obviously if a rando homeless man is jokingly asking for marriage he is KIDDING!
Also yesterday at work I had a record of 9 clients!!! It was crazy I was running around all day long and best of all everyone actually tipped me. If everyday was a good money day like that i would be doing fine all right! And I know 9 prolly doesnt seem like a whole lot to yall but it actually takes up the whole day.
It really makes me laugh when people work few hours and make a ton of money but still complain about their jobs, don't they know they could be working a normal 40 hour a week/ minimum pay job?! Hello silly people get real! I only work 4 days a week but I work 9-10 hour days and work my ass off the whole time.


  1. "They found a new hole from some kind of creature and filled with gas and lit it before leaving for our meal....not too much into the environment I know. They were born in a completely different time then us so I dont even try to change minds anymore."

    SOOO true! Grandparents/older generations are great for this too, they are so bold and do things because they work and are not about to sit back and wait for the coucil to call back in a few days 'sending someone out'
    Go them! :) Love it! P.s poor Possums at the same time though. We don't have them here but we have Badgers.. they do the same thing, dig up fences and gardens and eat plants/small animals, attack, smell and cause havoc.

    happy American Mother's day! You and your mum look so happy together in that photo, I really think it's lovely that you spoilt her with all those mum presents. :) yay for lovely mums!

  2. I love that mindset of the older folks and try to use it in my life.
    I wish a lot more people these days were liek that!

    I wanna see a badger! Possums scare me.

    Thank you!! How was your mothers day?