Monday, May 23, 2011

Whoops, I kinda forgot about Blogger for a little bit, I am back though. I have had a pretty busy week.
I started doing hot yoga on Wednesday and have been back every day since. It is pretty hard and exhausting but I am starting to love it. I hope that by the end of the month I can tell a difference in my body. I have to go to the late class so I dont get home till even later but it is definitely worth it! I never realized how much work it is to fit working out into your schedule. On Friday I left work early, wrecked my car made it to work on time but ended up not getting in because they were too full. I was pretty bummed about that. My poor car has been through so much, the front bumper is pretty much ruined. I am gonna try to go to PullaPart and find a new to replace it with soon.
Friday and Saturday were really busy for me. I made really good money at work and everyone actually tipped me!! It was really exciting. I feel like I'm really starting to fit in at work. Saturday I had seven clients!! Needless to say I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. After work I went to yoga then home where I quickly packed to go to Jess' house. Our washing machine is broken again so I gathered some of the mountain of dirty clothes to take with me. We as usual watched movies and goofed around, I love nights like those. They make my bitter little heart happy.
Sunday we pretty much stayed lazy till 2 when we went to go walk around the park which is always really fun. The cicadas are out in full force and I am really afraid of them so most of the time was spent trying to avoid them. Its funny how much your mind changes as you get older, when I was younger I LOVED cicadas. I had so much fun with the neighborhood kids catching them to collect in huge jars. Now they seriously creep me out!!
The rest of Sunday we spent watching crappy reality tv along with wrestling matches. I WON!!!! Sometimes I feel like we waste so much time just sitting around but we don't usually get to spend time with each other unless its on the weekends so I try to remind myself that its ok to not be busy 24/7.
Today I got my hair done, goodbye to that faded redish color that it was and hello to darker brown! The lady was super nice, young and very attentive to what I wanted to get done. I will definitely be going back to her which is a first!! I am a natural blonde but I really love love love my hair dark. It just feels more like me. Do yall like??

Wellp I am off to get ready for tonights workout! I hope yall have a good week, tell me about it sometime!!


  1. You hair is lovely dark, the light bounces off nicely.

    And please wait whilst I google cicadas... YUCK YUCK YUCK YUUUUCK!

  2. Do you not have cicadas on the other side of the pond? I will mail you one so you can keep it for your very own if you like!!!

    Thank you, I am glad you like me hairs!!

  3. No, we don't have them, I think they are just for warmer climates, thank goodness. I don't want one! I read you have a big influx of them at the moment? Tell them to stop breeding!!

    (Also, I pasted this from my post in reply to your question in case you don't see it..
    Every town/village has a high street or a few. It's just the main street where most of the shops are or most things happen.. Main vein of the place. Not sure what it's called otherwise. Some places even call their high streets, High Street! )

  4. I tell themm daily to quit breeding but they are selfish and dont care about my feelings. I feel as If england doesn't have a lot of the annoying animals like we do here. No possums no cicadas....obviously you live in paradise.

    I've been reading something blue, its set in London and they kept referenceing to high street. I wonder if we call that something here.