Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I finally finished my first cross stitch. I am pretty excited on it. Its so darn cute.

Tiny and precious. Right? My web cam actually makes it look kinda funny, I am starting on the blanket tomorrow.

Changing the subject back to babies, I finally got to see Aubrey yesterday. Shes like a tiny baby monkey. Babies are so bizarre to me in the best way. Her expressions change across her face so quickly I can hardly keep up. Gosh I felt so emotional holding her. 

Dont you want to just squeeze her? Yes HELLOOOO!!!!


  1. He's holding a balloon! Very cute and very neat for your first time cross-stitching! Woo, go you!
    Baby crush over here!- I'm seeing my 4 month old cousin Henry next week, I can't wait for a hug!

  2. Do you cross stitch as well???

    You have to post baby pics plzzzz