Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal Print Madness

I have a small obsession with animal prints, cheetah of course being my favorite. Over the years Ive recovered a chair, made a dress, bought ridiculous ammounts of  clothes and even found some 1" plugs all in lovely animal prints.
I also love anything pinup/retro/50's etc you get the picture...a while back while preparing for a photoshoot I came across this site
Its the mothership for all things old school AND has tons of cheetah print goodness. I adore it!!! The sad part is everything, and I do mean everything is pretty expensive for this bargain loving girl.
Anyways gettting to the point Ive been wanting to get a new bathing suit, with a little more flare and a lot more coverage, for a while when I came across the most perfect one I have ever seen! I will admit I shelled out the dough and bought it eeep...most expensive thing besides a winter coat Ive bought in a good minute. I recieved it in the mail yesterday and immediatly tried it on even though I didnt get home till 1am this morning.
Here is a poor quality picture, I still havent gotten good at taking self photos. I do plan on doing a photoshoot with it so I promise some better pictures will be up oooor you can always mosey on over to the site yourself and see the real deal. You might be tempted to buy everything like I am though.

Isnt it just amazing??!!

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