Saturday, February 5, 2011

Georgia Loving (Photo Heavy)

Alrighty so at 9:30 Tuesday night me and my man friend left for Savannah Georgia. We were very excited, cant you tell? We sang many songs and danced in our seats until I got sleepy and went into dream mode. Jess' car always makes me sleepy though Im not sure why.

First time I have seen my sister in 8 months. We went to huddle house with her boyfriend Dallas upon ariving to Savannah. Poor Jess drove through the night to get us there at 6am, he was a bit loopy Im afraid.

This was right before we crashed for a few hours. As you can see we look higher then all get out.

First stop on our tour of the city was Bonaventure Cemetery. My sister loves all things history expecially cemeteries. Jess made me take this picture please blame him.

Im not too big on gravestones though I do love me anything that has a New Orleansish feel to it. I couldnt get over these gorgeous trees. Legend has it that after the wars moss grew off of all the trees where people had been hung. Kinda creepy but very beautiful.

Kathryn led us to this Jewish mausoleum to feed my Jew obsession. We couldnt go inside it unfortunatly. I meant to throw a penny at it but I was afraid theyd be fighting over it for all eternity.

 Next we went to Tybee Island. A sweet little beach community. It was beyond freezing!! Luckily Kat had some clothes in the truck, we dug through it found something warm and headed out to the sand.
The fog set in about 4 minutes after getting out in the water. We kept on going and it endded up being very worth it.

The pier was like maybe a half a football field in front of us but as you can see its invisible.
I love this boy more then life. Hes my perfect other half. I need to get some of these pictures put in a collage and framed. We looked a hot wet mess after walking through the fog for a few hours. I never knew that it could leave you dripping and soggy.

He carried me over the sharp shells so my poor feet wouldnt hurt. Such a gentlemen. After Kathryn showed us around the beach we drove downtown but we were so wet and cold we didnt want to walk around. We went back to her house, showered and got ready to go out to eat. We walked down the riverfront to get to a restaurant called Spankys. It was mediocre to say the least buuut I enjoyed it regardless. I got to meet a really awesome girl named Lindsey who is from Seatle. She stoked my fire to travel to Portland pretty hard.

I didnt get too many more pictures of the trip. It wasnt too eventful. The next day after some major snuggling me and Jess ventured back to Tybee alone. We went out to the end of the pier narrowly escaping a mass of pigeons the size of my head.

We were pretty frozen at this point but being the stubborn person I am I wanted to see as much of the beach as possible since I rarely get to go. We walked all over, looking at shops, I bought my sissy a shot glass, and then the cold ended up winning and we left.

We drove around downtown until Kat got off work, went home, ate food, I got sick the rest of the night so we spent it inside, away from the rain, watching movies. The next day we got up went to return her house key to her at her work at the art gallery then we left for Atlanta. I have wanted to eat at the Varsity fooorever so we decided to take the time to do it. We both got a burger and a chili dog...fatties I know but it was sooo yummy. I didnt like the service though, as soon as you enter the door you are bombarded with a buncha ghetto girls yelling "whatll you have whatll you have"...Im not big on loud noises so it bothered me a bit...also that they charge for drink refills. I didnt take anymore pics besides a buttload of my sisters cat Gravy who I hopefully will own as soon as shes fixed. She stayed attached to my side the entired time we were at the house. Isnt she just the cutest thing youve ever seen??

Im pretty happy with the way the last few days have gone. I got a job today at the Trace Resort Store and Spa!! Finally get to get out of Walgreens!! Yall come book a facial with me!! Anyways sorry for the insanly long post but I had a lot to say. Talk to yall later!!


  1. Oh my! I feel like I have been on an adventure just reading this post!
    It's very creepy about the moss myth. It's poetic, but a little unsettling to think about!

    Congratulations on your new job! :) Do you get free spa treatments too?

  2. Yay I was hoping that would be the reaction. It really was a great trip. The moss part was so creepy especially at night when the wind blew.

    My new job is fun so far. I think if we want a service we gotta trade you know. Which works too.