Sunday, March 13, 2011

Errp Derrp

Ive been thinking a lot lately about getting more seriously into blogging even though on the day to day my life isnt very interesting so Im not sure what Id talk about.
I want to start doing outfit posts and doing a drawing a week to make myself actually do art more. Also take/post more pictures of my life. Do reviews of products, especially having to do with makeup/skincare since that is my life.
Is there such thing as like a product tester? Is that a full time job anywhere and does anyone know how one would go about getting hooked up in that industry?
Ive been thinking about the future and I know that working in a spa the rest of my life isnt for me. My dream is to make enough money that I could go to effects school out in LA and start making a living doing that. I live off of creative energy it fills me with the best feelings!!

Another thing is Ive been trying to decide if Im going to move into this house closer to work or not. Its a really good price and has everything included into the rent BUT I dont know if I would feel comfortable taking Thor into a house that already has three dogs. He does kinda like to mark his territory...that would be so embarassing. Also there is the bathroom sharing thing...ewwww. I dont know what to do. I feel like I could be repeating myself from a prier post but Im too lazy too look back and see. Yall tell me what to do!!!


  1. Do it so we can spend more nights together until I get enough money for us to move together.

  2. I can't vote for your living plans, but I say, where are the drawings of the week!? Now you have said it, we are waiting! :) No time to get started like the present!

  3. hah My next post will have a drawing...actually a painting that im pretty proud of!!