Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got back from California yesterday afternoon and feel like Ive been running around like a chicken with its head cut off since then.
I was going to write a blog post yesterday with an art update to keep yall tied over till I compiled my post about my trip but I cant for the life of me get pictures off of my devices right now. Now I know Im not the best at technology but everyone knows how to download pictures right?
Maybe my phone is messed up (hopefully not) but I will try to get it back up and running as soon as I can.
I know yall are sooo anxious right? Haha

Yesterday after I got back Jess came and picked me up to take me to eat at Qdoba which made me a happy camper. The weather was so nice that we went and walked around downtown for a couple of hours. I love the west coast don't get me wrong but Nashville is my heart and soul. Whenever I leave the south I feel my roots deep in my bones, calling me home. I love it here!! There really isn't a whole let better to me then sitting down at river front, leaning on friends, talking about life with some good blues playing in the background. Call me crazy but that is ideal!

After we left downtown he dropped me off at home where I was alone for the first time in quite a while so I decided to take that opportunity to catch up on Californication and wax myself. I am not the most confident body waxer so when I can I try to let my hairs grow out so I can practice on myself. This is my life haha. At least Im devoted right??

Well Im off to get ready for the day. This teacher gave me the opportunity to get her hedgehog since she is quitting teaching so Im going to go pick her up then meet with my friend Jenny for pizza and girl talk. Hooray I finally get a hedgie!! Ive been waiting for years for this!


  1. A hedgehog!! Wowowowee.

    I heard that if it curls up, you can pick it up and rock it back and forth until it relaxes and feels like it wants to uncurl.

    After watching your video a while back, I can't imagine your accent letting you say 'hedgie'!!

    Are you going to have it forever?

  2. I've never heard that I will try it.
    After I read that I keep saying hedgie out loud Haha.

    I hope to have It forever. I dobt think they live too long.