Thursday, March 31, 2011


The last few days Ive been slacking on here but they have been pretty uneventful. Im currently watching the season finale of Dexter Season 3...I know I know, so far behind in picking up on this show but Im now obsessed with it. It's so addicting. I just want to know why the 4th season isn't on Netflix, actually all of the seasons besides the first one are missing. Hey guys dont take my addiction away!!

Anyways Jess is in bar-tending school now...well almost done with it as its only a 2 week we have been actually trying new drinks. Last weekend we drank apple martinis. I hate to admit it but they were really good even though I was very embarrassed to drink them. Girly drinks aren't really my thing. Give me a PBR over that stuff any day. We did get a bit silly really quickly but then we just fell asleep...we are such old people. I really like being us though. We watch movies, occasionally drink and just chill. Its so much better then riding up my anxiety going to parties and trying to act like Im not shy.

And lastly I know I keep saying art art fart sooo here is a painting I did a few years ago. I know its not recent but I really really love this piece and Im proud of what I did. I hope yall like it.

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