Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hedgehog Heaven

So I have been wanting a hedgehog for years and a few weeks ago I heard about a lady who was trying to get rid of her. I of course jumped at the chance to get him and went to pick him up this Wednesday. He was a classroom pet for little children which is apparently a bad idea as this little guys dont like all that noise.
I havent really decided yet if Im going to keep him or not, he's really grumpy and tries to bite me whenever I pick him up, because of that I havent settled on a name...I was thinking about Oprah as a joke or Hedwig cause I am a huuuuge Harry Potter fan.
I feel like I am in a bit over my head with trying to get him socialized. He really really hates people but I am trying. Right now he's on the kitchen table beside my computer snuggling with some gloves. He seems to like fuzzy things the best. When he gets really mad he runs figure 8s around his cage for about an hour.

He is so darn cute though I cant help but be attached to him already. Yall would die if yall saw him search for food, he snuffles around his cage making little noises. So adorable.

I tried to snap a few pictures, they aren't the best as he also doesn't like having his picture taken. Hopefully as time goes on he gets over that. Me and Jess have been watching tons of cute hedgie vids on YouTube they are the best.
Oh goodness if I could carefully get a pic of what hes doing right now. Nibbling very daintily on these gloves. Well I kinda got it. Its a bit blurry but yall will get the point.

Isn't he precious? Do yall have any other name ideas? Any one else have weird pets?


  1. He is so much bigger than I thought and will probably open up to you very soon and become more comfortable in his surroundings!
    Just don't try to wax him!!!

  2. As soon as he gets calmer Ill take a picture holding him. Hes smaller then a lot of them Ive seen and hes two so Im guessing he wont get bigger.
    I promise I will keep the wax away from this one.

  3. Awww so cute!!! I think it's so awesome that you have a hedgehog as a pet. It's such a cute and quirky animal. Have you ever read the Beatrix Potter books?? They are children's books including the Peter Rabbit book. Anyways, there is a hedgehog character named Tiggywinkle in the books. I think if I had a pet hedgehog, I would name him Tiggywinkle after the character in the book. That is probably a lame suggestion, but oh well. Your blog is really cute!!

  4. Hm, horns....spikes....evil....his name should be Lucifer or Gwar? I was thinking about this when i woke up for some reason.

  5. Thank-you Jacque. Yes I love those books, that Is such a cute name!

    Jess....gwar? Bahahaah you always crack me up