Friday, March 25, 2011

Im going going back back to cali cali

Not really but I decided that since I cant for the life of me get my pictures off of my cameras then Ill just tell y'all what I did and all that loveliness then Ill do a bit of a photo dump later on. I warn you this post is going to be verrry longgggg!!!
Anyways Thursday night was St Patty's day, I didn't wear green to work but I do have much green in my tattoos so I figured that was acceptable. My boss brought these huge blinky light glasses that I decided I had to wear all day long.
After work I went home to pack but I ended up mostly just watching Dexter and playing with Thor. I couldn't sleep because I was nervous about flying on the plane alone the next day.
Friday morning I got up, took Thor to the kennel, went to the bank and finished my packing before being dropped off at the airport two hours early. I got lost several times before I found my gate and settled in to read. This funny little security man let me skip all of the line because he said he liked my plugs. I enjoyed that.
We got on the plane, had some technical difficulties which was scary because the didn't explain the problem very well. I arrived in Dallas and promptly got lost on the way to my next gate so I decided to stop and eat before going on but the prices were so ridiculous it took me a while to convince myself to get something.
Finally at 6ish that night I arrived in Los Angelos and realized that I forgot to get my id back from security in the airport in Nashville. I tried not to freak out and caught a car to the hotel to eat with my parents. We went to this amazing little place called the RockNFish. Hellooo!!! It was so yummy. I got grilled artichoke, mom got crab pasta with corn sauce and my pops got crab-cakes with baked potato and macaroni. Our waiter was really funny and kept making fun of us being southern and for drinking water instead of alcohol. They also had really good taffy mints for afterwards. I need to find more of these!!
We went back to the hotel room next to watch a little bit of the tube before falling asleep exhausted from travel.
The next day we woke up bright and early to spend the day in San Diego. Its about a two hour drive from LA so we wanted to start as soon as we could. On the way there we stopped in Huntington Beach at a little bagel shop, I am obsessed with bagels! I would eat them for every meal if it wouldn't make me big as a horse. It was really rainy and overcast when we arrived. We were all freezing cold and were wondering what in the world had happened to this sunny California we had heard about. I seriously took way too many pictures of all the animals in that zoo, my favorites are the big cats and monkeys. You SoCal people are so lucky to have such a great place to go to.
 The weather eventually picked up so we had a nice drive back to LA, stopping in Laguna Beach for a while to see the sites. Now if I could live anywhere in CA I would definitely live in Laguna Beach, its beauty captures me. I didnt know where we should eat so I asked some local bloggers and the lovely Bridgette Blonde told us to go to In&Out Burger. I am the worst person in the world at finding places but eventually we got to one and man that place was hopping. We all ordered a burger and shake. I thought it was just going to be a lot of hype but I was surprised and enjoyed it. Can we get one in Nashville please y'all?
Sunday was a horribly miserably cold rainy day. We literally drove all over Southern CA trying to escape the rain and see the sites but no such luck. (we did see snow though, how bizarre)  I was car sick and slept most of the day so I dont remember a whole lot. We did try to visit one of my friends in Paso Robles but he wasn't home from Vegas yet. I am still very bitter about this!! I miss my transplant Nashville friends when they leave. I will tell you the SLO area is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I understand why he moved back now that I have been there myself.
That night we ate at a sea food restaurant in Santa Barbara right on the pier. It was still rainy and my nausea was out of this world but I still ate a crab. I took a pretty awesome picture of the little dude right before he got in my belly.
Monday my mom had to go back to work and it was still rainy so me and my dad stayed in the room until the afternoon. Thankfully the day ended up being beautiful so I GOT TO GO TO THE BEACH!!! We ventured out to Manhattan Beach after eating at Wahoos fish tacos. The thought of a fish taco sounds so disgusting to me. I did not eat one!! I did have some tasty enchiladas and tacos though, fish not included.
The beach was lovely, tons of people were out soaking up the sun even though it was still pretty chilly out. The houses along the boardwalk were so amazing. I tried to not look so obvious that I was lurking in all of them, I couldn't help myself though. I even took some sneaky pictures of them muahahah. I was supposed to hangout with my friend Josh all day but he is really slow soooo after our 3 hour walk we went back to the hotel to wait for my mom to get off of work. We went out to eat at a horrible little Italian restaurant, I was not in the mood. It was so cold I didnt want to be outside. Eventually Josh came to pick me up, we went to the pier in Santa Monica. It was freezing but really pretty. I saw a sea lion in the water and we went underneath the pier. It was kinda creepy lost boysish-like. I, of course, being the awesome clumsy person I am fell in the water a little bit when a wave came up. Yes I did get my shoes sopping wet and covered in sand. Did I also mention that I had to be on a plane at 4am the next morning? Well, I did. We walked back over a bridge to his car and back to his house. I really enjoyed hanging out and wish we would of had more time but I had to at least get a little bit of sleep before my full day of travel.
After only 3 hours of sleep I got up to go to the airport. It was still freezing, it was a pain in the arse to get though security...apparently if you forget your id then you are in fact a terrorist. It was a pretty uneventful day besides the fact that our plan was delayed and then it took me over an hour for the special people at the airport to finally find my id.
My grampa picked me up then I went to get my Thorbles and hangout with Jess. All in all it was a very good trip and Im already itching to go to explore some more. I hope next time I go my friends actually make time for myself. That would be pretty nice. Actually I think it would be pretty fun to live there for a few months, that is if it wasn't so darn expensive.

Ill try to get my pictures working and up sometime this week. I also need to do that art post I have been talking about and introduce my crazy hedgie friend. Hes pretty much a nut I can already tell.


  1. You forgot your id! I would have panicked! Lucky they still had it.
    It seems like you had an eventful trip away! Hedgie should make an appearance as soon as spikily possible!

  2. I did. I was freaking out.

    I'm posting about him today.