Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its about that time again

Yep it is adventure time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On this coming Friday I will be leaving the Nashville airport and arriving in freaking sunny Los Angelos for the first time in 2 years.
My mom has been planning to go out there for the past few months to train people for work and I decided it was high time for a reunion with that city and my friends there. My dad is actually coming too so it will hopefully be a fun time. I know that the hotel we are staying at has a heating pool and an workout room that I plan on taking full advantage of.
I will be hanging out with Shayna, Josh and I was hoping to see Bobby but he is lame and doesn't want to drive to where I will be. I am bitter for sure about that one. I guess I will have to take a special trip back out to the west coast for him next.
Anyways I dont know a whole lot about LA or really California in general so Im not really sure what to do or where to go...If anyone knows of some good places please let me know. Just remember that Im not 21 yet and therefor arent old enough to rent my own car so Ill be relying on my feet and possibly Shayna.

Im so freaking excited!! As much as I like my job it weighs on you after a while and Ive been feeling really blah the last few days so Im thinking this is exactly what I needed. I would like to have a lot more money in my budget to go shopping but that aint gonna happen. Maybe next time??!!!

And Yes I did just google this shit and copy the first two I thought were pretty. I do what I want.

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