Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hi Too Loo Ri

I meant to post this yesterday but as you can see I am slacking big time in the old blogosphere....I slack a lot all the time. Ive been a busy kid with work, finding a place to live and trying to have a social life.
Anyways yesterday its been a month since my gama died and also a month since I started as my new job. I cant really say I miss her any less but I am happy to say that at least it seems to be getting easier. Im doing alot better on thinking about the good times and not focusing on that last horrible day. I received some of her jewelry and try to wear something of hers everyday to help remember her. My grampa seems to be doing better as well, or at least he is faking it well. Im going to try to go over and maybe spend the night at his house tonight after work. I havent seen him in over a week, bad Kellers.

Also things are going really well at work, every seems to get along for the most part and I usually stay busy. There is really something special when you are giving someone a facial, they relax fully and tell you how good it makes them feel. That really makes me happy.
Im not making as much as I would like yet but I supposed that will come in time. I wish that groupon and living social would not have been invented though because that is killing out business quite a bit.

And one more thing I finally found a great place to rent about 8 minutes from work if that. Id share the house with two other women and 3 dogs but Id be afraid to bring Thor since he likes to be dominate and she already has a dominate dog. Also he likes to mark his territory sometimes and her house is too nice for that. The only thing I dont like about the house is that Id have to share a bathroom with a stranger....I havent shared a bathroom in years. I really dont have time to move for at least 2 weeks though, since my parents and maybe myself are going out of town, so she will prolly end up giving the room to someone else. Oh well you win some you lose some.
My ideal situation would be sharing a 2 bed room 2 bath with a friend but all of mine are pretty much already living where they want to or wont consistently pay the rent so Im stuck driving almost an hour to work everyday.

All in all Im feeling happy at the moment so its all good. Now Im off to work for the day!! Cheers!

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