Monday, June 27, 2011

Always ready for the weekend

It always feels like every day is either the start of my week or the start of my weekend. As in Saturday afternoon or Wednesday's really weird. I just started noticing this a few weeks ago, its weirding me out!! I have 3 days a week off which I KNOW I KNOW I am lucky for having this schedule but I somehow skip right through my weekend right on to the forever long week. Do any of yall feel this way too?

ANYWAYS, this week end has been really good so far. It made up for my horrible work week. Saturday Jess came and got me and took me on a baby date to our favorite bureet joint, Qdoba. It was yummy as always, we hungout outside watching people and talking for a bit before he had the bright idea to go to one of his friends houses in the boro. Now as I feel like yall should realize by now I HAVE ANXIETY PROBLEMS AND IM SHY!!! So I dont like parties or groups of people unless I know them all pretty well. But alas I wanted to be nice so off we went. It was of course really awkward and when we finally left no one told me by or even acknowledged me so I will definitely not be going back. I wish I wasn't so shy but its not easy for me. We drove back to his house in Spring-hill and watched movies and played with Hedwig until we fell asleep.

Sunday and today we pretty much laid around like lazy butts all day, watched movies, played with Hedwig, wrestled, you know the normal. It was broken only by going on a small walk and an ice cream run. I love me some chocolate ice cream. Now I am back home hanging out with my dad while we both sit on the computer. Oh my life, what is this!!!??

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