Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ive got a bike you can ride it if you like...

Today is a dang great day!!
After being awake listening to it storm all night and our power going out I missed my dentist appointment this morning so I figured it was not going to be a good day. Thankfully I was wrong.

Its funny how sometimes my dad is my worst enemy and other times he can be my best friend you know? We started off the morning right by going on a 4 mile walk at the Greenway then we went home to unstink ourselves before going to lunch. My dad has an obsession with Meat and Threes so we went to a delish place around the corner called Call's. Its a quaint little place with the best Chicken n' Dressing in town.
We both love to explore so after this we set off to the Old Hickory area for some house lurking. I found a few that I would love to buy...or at least live at. They are all perfect precious little houses that would fit for a child named Kelley.

This one is my favorite. Its surprising how affordable these houses are. Of course I dont have alot of credit as I'm only 21 but hey whatever its fun to look right?!
So after we drove around for a while we went home and basically right after getting home a guy finally texted me back telling me about the best part of the day!!

Which is this......

I have been looking for a bike for quite a while now and finally found one that I love for a great price. Its so exciting! I have been using Cristie from A city birds nest as my friendly guide into the world of bikes. She has been so great in helping me find the perfect one. Ive been trolling dear old Craigslist non stop and finally came upon this Raleigh 12 speed. Its super light and the perfect size for me annnnd its red which is also the color of my Beetle. The tires are pretty old and busted so the duder I got it from even gave me some replacements for FREEEE!! Pretty dang nice if you ask me Yes indeed. I can not wait to be biking around without falling off very soon. Actually I am very clumsy for Im sure Ill still fall but maybe not as much.

Hooray for today!!


  1. look at you sexy bike lady!! that is such a great bike!! 12 speed is perfect and when you want and are ready you can go far on that bike!! yippee! soooo glad you got a bike! this makes me sooo happy you don't even know!! <3 if it makes you feel any better the weather here is horrible! raining buckets and it is almost july! WTF! hehe


  2. EEEEP!!! Thank you!!I am so happy to have gotten it!! I hope that was ok to link you like that?

    What is going on with the crazy rainy weather everywhere?!

  3. love the bike! that is awesome-and extra awesome that you got those changes for free! have fun :)


  4. love the tattoosssss x