Sunday, June 12, 2011


I finally got my internets back at my house!! Expect there to be regular blogging from now on....actually dont cause I am horrible at consistency.

Saturday the power was out at my spa so after sitting around for a few hours I left to go home and enjoy the rest of my day. My cousin was in charge of an estate sale so I ended up swinging by there for a few hours. There was nothing worth looking at but it was fun regardless. I never get to see her enough since she goes to school over an hour away and I work all the time.

Later the night Jess came and picked me up. We hung out at his house and this morning we left for Lewisburg to pick up his birthday present.

He is a 6 week old lynx point Siamese and we named him Hedwig. Isnt he just gorgeous?! If I really love someone I get them an animal, so I guess this is good for Jess haha. His birthday isnt until July but when I saw this litter I had to jump on them. Hedwig had the best markings of the whole litter and hes just perfect.
We had to go waaay out in the sticks to get him but he is totally worth it!!!

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