Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I only have 3 more days left of my month of Hot Yoga, booooo!!! I am going to miss it so much! Ive gotten so used to going and working out every day after work but I really just cant justify spending 170$ for another month, too bad they arent offering the groupon rate again. I have been searching really hard for another gym to join for a month but I am having trouble deciding. DO you guys have any suggestions?

I got to hangout with Jenny and Aubrey yesterday, its pretty crazy how big that baby has gotten in the few weeks since I have seen her. She is like a little doll. We went to Green Hills because Jenny decided that she wanted to try a Diva Cup. In my opinion that is soooo gross but hey to each her own eh eh eh?! Anyways I never knew how much delicious looking foods they sold there, it was very hard but I resisted in the end!!
Its rare and very nice when I get to have lady hangouts.

Today was for me pretty scary and tense. I am not a big fan of storms and its was pretty crazy all day long over where I work. Thankfully it didnt scare any of my clients away and I walked away making ok money!! HOORAY!!!

Ok enough for today, I know none of its too exciting but whatevs yall!!!

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