Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Happy pt 3

I finished another little mini cross stitch today, I messed the entire color scheme off but I think it looks good anyways.
Since I only work 3 days/week I have quite a bit of time on my hands on my lovely off days. I actually went to Hobby Lobby today to get a few more because I am almost all out of patterns. I think next time instead of getting kits I am going to get a pattern book and go from there. Thread is so cheap and I can keep the patterns forever. I need some ideas on what to do with all these little projects. My mom suggested a baby mobile but I have no kids and I dont want to give my first ones away...any suggestions?


  1. it is so tiny and cute! i don't really cross stitch so i don't know of any good books, sorry love.

    oh sorry i didn't get back to you on the seat. there are a bunch of ways to help it soften. i was thinking about doing a post. one way is to soak it overnight but that means you can't ride if till it drys. you put a wet rag under the bottom of the seat. let me do a post as my seat could use some softening too!


  2. Than you!!! I actually have one that I'm making and if it ends up looking good I'm going to send it to you!!!

    I look forward to reading your seat post!!!