Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I already said for my birthday I got a beautiful little assorted mix of cacti in a pot. They are dessert cacti but none of them were named so Im not really sure what they all are. I tried to find them in the interwebs but maybe Im not as good at lurking as I had thought. The flowering cacti in the picture below is pretty close looking to what one of the ones I have is. It came in a pot of rocks and Im wondering if I should repot them in something that was made more for them. I found a website but it was all too general for me.
Does anyone know what I should do? I do not want them to die, Id be bummed.


  1. if they are in a plastic pot you should replant them and get some cacti potting soil, it will have rocks in it and a bit of sand. make sure the pit you put them in has good drainage, i.e. a whole for the water to escape. other then water about maybe once a week or a week and half cacti are the easiest! if they flower then that means your cacti is the happiest cacti in the world!

  2. its a ceramic pot but has no holes in the bottom