Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Happy pt 2

I finally finished another cross stitch project. Its taken me a lot longer then I thought it would but hey I am a slacker to the core.  It is another little cute cat, I seem to do a lot of cat crafts which is funny cause I dont overly like those critters. I do love Hedwig the Siamese and Piaff the Hairless wonder but that is about it. So here is a picture, yes its on my webcam...I know that is a no no but over look it this once please and thanks.

Pretty dang cute isnt it? I still am not done with the shirt I started, its almost there but I still have to do a few more things. I have found I really really love sewing. Maybe Ill become a seamstress!!


  1. kelly that is the cutest darn thing ever!!

    as far as my button just copy and paste the code under the actual picture. go to design in your blog template. choose a html button and then just copy & paste and your done! not a silly question lady!