Saturday, August 13, 2011

All kinds of things

This week has been really slow at work. Im trying not to get worried. Most of August is fair time in Lebanon so the salon has been really busy itself. People really go all out for the entirety of the fair, I have a few makeup applications booked for Monday and Friday so at least a little money will be coming in. I pretty much have just been doing everyone's family members and not getting tipped.
I finally got my car back after not having it for a few weeks but it was a ton of money to get it fixed so now I am even more worried about paying for all that. I would like to be one of those people who dont get so bent outta shape about dollar bills.

In other news me and dad have been continuing to ride bikes almost everyday. We have been going to the greenway in east nashville and riding all the way to the shelby bottoms greenway. The other day we went a little over 16 miles, I thought I was gonna die. My whole body was burning and tired. It was awesome!!
I have been looking for another bike for my dad to ride and to fix up. Its taken a while but I finally found a really rad Raleigh Grand Sport. Its robins egg blue and the perfect size, I love it! The brakes need to be replaced and the gears need to be tweaked but other then that its running smooth. I would have a picture but as always my phone sucks and wont let me email it to myself. Ill do an entire post on it when I have it all fixed up.


  1. it is so awesome to have a biking buddy and so glad you have your dad :)you two are soo cute!

  2. Haha now I need to work on getting a cute boy biking.buddy. :')