Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Im 21!!!

The last few days have been a whirl wind of things. I had a few things scheduled to post about but honestly I have a poor memory.

I celebrated my 21st birthday August 4th, which was this Thursday. I actually had to work because I had a client scheduled but of course my luck is rad and she cancelled right after I got to work. I did end up getting a few facials and waxes that day regardless but I was still kinda bummed that I had to be there, especially since only one of them was actually a paying client.
After work I went home to a yummy home cooked meal of chicken cassaroll and green beans with almonds. You know I am southern so any occasion calls for a good cassaroll. That is definitely my favorite meal ever in the whole world!! I got a little display of 4 potted cacti and some nice silk sheets from my family. I do love my family.
Friday I had to go to a promotional even for the salon at the outlet mall in Lebanon...aka no pay just sit there and try to get people that dont want to talk to you to have a conversation. Before I started the new job I hadnt really ever been to that city so I cant be sure but people sure were giving me the stink eye. Apparently it is a rare day to see a tattooed person there. GREAT JOB KELLERS!!! I hope soon people will stop judging me so I can get some business!!
It ended up looking like rain so we left early and I went home. My cousin Kristen invited me to go out to eat with her but I still dont have my car so she had to come pick me up. I know she is 19 almost 20 now but I still think of her as a little kid so it was weird for me for her to have to come get me. We never get to see each other so we had plenty to talk about while we ate. I wish we could hangout more but during the school year she lives almost 2 hours away.
After she dropped me off Jess came and got me for my first night out at as a legal adult. My stomach was in knots and I almost didnt want to go but I convinced myself to get over it.
The first bar we went to the door guy didnt want to let me in which was funny. I felt like I had a huge sign over my head that said NOOOB!!! That bar was hilarious, there were all these older folk doing karaoke really really badly. Needless to say we had one drink and left. The night was still young.
The next bar I dont remember the name but it was a honky tonk bar. We did not fit in and the drinks were way too expensive so we ended up just using the bathroom and walking out.
Jess wanted to just go to East Nashville after this so we headed to the car for the short drive. We went into 3 crow bar for our second to last bar and just people watched. I liked that bar the most, it was chill at the time and had a lot of familiar faces. Also the staff were super nice...I sound like such a nerd.
Our last bar was Red Door. This one was so crowded and busy. One of my other friends ended up coming to hangout for the rest of the time we were there which was really rad. I also ran into several random people that I havent seen in forever. I never knew how many people all hangout at the same dang bars.
It was kinda sad that I invited so many people and everyone said they would come out but really it was just Brittany and Jess. What can you do right? I had a ton of fun regardless. It was nice to be able to really let lose and have fun.


  1. happy belated birthday! glad you had a great time and sorry about that lady you canceled on you but glad you got other appt.!


  2. Happy birthday!!! Again, haha. :)

  3. Hello whirly girl! Happy birthday for the 4th!
    I forget that the drinking age is much higher in the US, I just couldn't imagine not going out until I'm 21. If anything, when I hit 21 I drunk less!
    I like your new blog layout. Nice green colour.

    Thank you for your London wishes, everything seems much calmer now.

    How has your week been post birthday!? x

  4. Thank you ladies!!!

    What is the drinking age in london? believe me i still went out under age just secretly...so naughty. I have only drank 2 times since then, Im not trying to get too crazy.
    My week has been pretty slow and unexciting. Im doing some photoshoot makeup monday which i am very excited about!!