Monday, August 29, 2011

You know, I feel like I will always be an inconsistent blogger. I am ok with this. I hope at least a few people stay with me. Anywhoser,
 Its 1:26 in the morning right now and I can not for the life of me sleep because some ass rang our doorbell several times thus scaring me and not allowing me to sleep. I spent the last hour hiding in the basement because you know I am awesome like that but when the paid programming came on TV I decided to be brave some what and come up stairs. I feel as if this is a bad choice and I should go back down and hide forever but I dont like being down there either. This is why I need a large attack dog to keep me company through the long insomnia nights. BOO HISS!!!

Is anyone else gettting stoked for fall? Now I hate the cold and I cant stand winter in the least but when fall comes around I start feeling magic in the air and I cant help but get excited. October and November are the best months to me. It feels nice outside but not too cold and the air always smells really clean. I actually started this blog in November of last year, its kinda sad to admit since I dont even have like 100 posts yet. Like I said before I am a slacker.

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