Monday, April 4, 2011

artsy fartsy

I have been on a bit of an etsy bender lately, combing shops for anything that catches my eye. Ive mostly been into paintings, prints, animal heads, things I can hangup. I have never really been into knick-nacks as I hate clutter and things just lying around.
I came across an artist Arian Armstrong...she makes really cute drawings and sells prints and post cards. Go ahead and take a look at her store I know you want to. I had to buy some so I got her Under the Weather and Mr.&Mrs. Beaver prints. It gave me an excuse to get out of the house to find some frames. I think they look pretty good on my wall.
 I will definitely be buying from her again as not only is the quality really good but they got to me maybe two days later. Everyone hates waiting so the quicker the better!! I also finally got a frame for my limited edition Underoath poster. Yes they are my favorite band go ahead and judge me haha. Ive got a whole lot more stores bookmarked and will update as I end up buying more art for my lonely walls.
I also fell in love with tons of pieces from Tara and Moanas collection but as they are in Australia I can't really afford to buy anything from them. Sad Sad!! I love how they use various layers to make an incredible picture. If I could I would buy most of them and hang them in every space I have. This one is my favorite one!! How cute is that!!

Since Ive been in such a creative mood lately Ive been compiling more ideas for tattoos and putting them in a folder. Its about time I go get some work done. My arms are itching to be filled up. Maybe I should do a ink post but I always feel so silly when I take pictures of my work.
Anyways Im off to spend the day with my Thornado, maybe we will go to the park.


  1. Tea party with a zebra girl... yes PLEASE!

  2. so cute!!!!! but like 100$ to ship here...sad face

  3. im so bad at not buying things!! I got a lot of vintage fabric and ribbon today i ordered off etsy. So exciting to get things in the mail. its like christmas :p

  4. Eeeep I know right. I love when I am having a bad day and i look in the postbox and see a package. its great