Saturday, April 23, 2011

Go with the flow

I am a quirky kid. I have never liked to go with what everyone else is doing at any given time. Its funny how as soon as I get into a style or an activity it seems like a bunch of people step on the bandwagon. As soon as this happens I without fail wanna turn the other direction and do something else. It gets kind of irritating but what can you do huh?!

Anyways this week at work went pretty well. I actually for the most part got tips and most of my clients were really nice. A few days ago I booked an appointment with a Mexican lady to get a facial...she didnt speak good English but I thought she understood when to come back and what was happening. I was of course wrong. She got there almost an hour late and thought she was going to be getting a pedicure with her boyfriend and then getting a facial. We only have one nail tech so that was impossible to begin with. Eventually she had to reschedule and I let my coworker do her facial since she was frustrating me. She didn't tip so Im glad I did that hah.

Tomorrow is easter, the first one without my grams. Its weird having holidays without her. My gramps and a few other people are coming over but theres no huge family gathering like normal. What are you guys doing for easter...if you celebrate it that is?

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