Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This weekend has been pretty busy for me. My weekend doesn't start until Saturday afternoon but I got to leave early this week. Its been so hot lately Im beginning to think that from now on Tennessee will have 2 seasons, spring and summer. What happened to the spring? Please come back!!
All I wanted to do on Saturday was swim or go find a cave to crawl in and chill out. I went home, Jess came and got me so we could go walk at the park then I got tempted with delicious burger so I went back home and put them in my stomach. I dont know if I am biased or what but my parents can throw down on some burgers. It tasted like manna. Ok Im calming down now. After this me and Jess went to his house so he could eat some more foods such as steak, potatoes and MACARONI AND CHEESE!!! Dear universe can we take a minute to talk about the fact that you are trying to make me into the size of a whale!!!??
We also watched Life as we know it. This was a really great movie. It made me tear up a little. I really am turning into a girl. Maybe we also drank some vodka maybe not. Who am I to say.
Sunday I got my thigh piece colored in finally. Im not sure how I like it so far actually. The coloring really isnt my style but Im sure it will grow on me.
Monday I had a job interview at Ulta which is a makeup store. I got the job actually which is awesome but I dont know if its really worth it. I would have to move to the Boro which is rad since its a college town rent there is pretty cheap. I would get more money hourly and I wouldn't have to deal with never getting benefits but also if I move Ill be an hour away from Nashville and I dont know if I really want to do that. After this interview me and Jess went to Qdoba which may be my favorite place to stuff my face in the world. Then we walked around the park until it was time for his tattoo appointment. He was getting his chest finished. I also made plans to get some more work done next Monday. Pretty exciting. I havent been able to get consistently tattooed in a long time so its nice. Eventually we went back to his house watched movies as usual and passed out.
Today I had to go to Franklin to drop off some resumes and since then Ive been cleaning and organizing my room. I found a ton of stuff from the olden days of going to shows and high school. If anyone saw most of it I would be so embarrassed. I used to write a lot of poetry and stories most of them are terrible terrible terrible. Why did I ever think I could write well. I saved some of the things though for later on maybe when I get older and want to see what I did when I was younger.
Tomorrow is a new work week and hopefully a new job will be coming soon. I am terrible at staying at jobs for long these days.


  1. We had such a marvelous weekend. I enjoy spending time with you.

  2. I'm pleased you have lots of options Kelley :)
    Your thigh piece will grow on you whether you like it or not! It's there forever!

    Burgers sound great right now, send one over! or two, send two just in case!

  3. Eeep forever sounds like a long time.

    I'll warp you a truckload over. I think the speed will prolong their warmth and flavor.