Friday, April 22, 2011

Days go by

I have been in a really good mood the past few days. Actually pretty much this whole week. Its a very nice change. Life seems like it's looking up. FINALLY!!

Lately Ive been revisiting my childhood by watching a lot of Disney movies. I dont know if Jess is really too into this new phase but I sure am. A ton of good memories come up from watching these. I ordered The rats of NIHM the other day on Netflix, I had forgotten how cute that movie is. Do you guys like Netflix? I kind of hate it most of the time. Its so slow and doesn't really have the best movie selection in the world (Dexter is still missing for some odd reason) I really miss going to the video store and having to get VHS. What happened to the good old days, everything is too convenient these days.

I also have been crafting it up by cutting my old shirts and hoodies into v-necks and tank tops. I gotta get the old sewing machine out and start making things a little more complicated then scissors can do alone. I want to start actually making some clothes. I really enjoy it weirdly. I need some customization in my clothing choices.  Ive been drawing a ton more and making collages, maybe Ill post pictures. I'm kinda shy to. It feels good to be creative.

Since the weather has been so much nicer I, like everyone else have been fiending to get outside as much as I can. I'm trying to plan some hiking and fishing trips. I am not too sure where to go. My gramps and I used to go fishing all the time. I really miss those times. I miss times all the time.

My job can get pretty weird at time, Ive got to start writing about that every day. Like today for instance my first two clients were drunk and ended up passing out mid service. They had to keep getting up to pee and one of them tried to cover it up by saying she had a lot of water. NO I wasnt born yesterday, YOU DRUNK!!!

I guess that is all for tonight, I keep saying I am going to get more consistent but I am no good at that. Sorry my friends.


  1. Awesome! I too am feeling the effects of spring as things are warmin up and gettin' outside makes it that much nicer. I think is great to sit and watch some of those Disney movies. I hope you and your's have a nice Easter, thanks for sharing, and hope you start sewing up a storm!

  2. I hope you have a good easter too!!
    I will definitely get to sewing as soon as I have time and prolly post my attempts. I cant promise anything good haha.