Thursday, April 7, 2011



I know I havent posted in a few days as usual its  because I am lazy and also because my life isn't always very entertaining. Also on some days I cant remember how to spell good and I give up on typing because reading just seems too hard for me to concentrate on.

On Tuesday I did get my hair done by a profesh for the first time in years. I was terrified. But amazingly it looks ok. I got highlights....I am turning into a real girl I fear. I also got to eat lunch with a few of my lady friends I went to Paul Mitchell with. We ate at the Farmers Market, I had tamales and rice...I eat my weight in rice everyday I think. I really should of been born Asian like my cousins.

Today was not my day!! I got a ticket for speeding because I was passing this moron who was riding his breaks. I can not stand people who cant drive, it makes my blood boil and some people actually need to get to work on time so I sped up and got nabbed. God Dang It! Upset!!!

Yesterday I worked my butt off doing a Tammy Anderson DVD and HELLO I am so sore. Shes a fitness coach to celebs like the Kardashians so I figured if it works for them it will work for me. I love to work out even though you prolly cant tell by looking at my body. I am really tall for a girl but not overly fit. I am trying to change this fact. Dont worry Tammy we will be seeing a lot of each other in the near as soon as I am finished writing this post. Really I should of already worked out today but sometimes I get lazy and procrastinate.

Also my brother is one of those people that thinks he can sing really well but he is actually completely tone deaf. He is outside my door right now "singing" ears may start bleeding here soon. I give permission for one of you guys to save me. I cant sing but at least I admit to it, he really honestly thinks he has a great voice but it kinda reminds me of if Rebecca Black were a boy. And why he must do it outside my door when he has the whole rest of the house is beyond me.

Last night I made dinner for myself. It was very complicated dont worry I wrote down the recipe.
Make Rice
Make corn
Open Can of Tuna
Mix all together
Add Cheese
Add Cheese

I also ate this for lunch today. Believe me when I say it is for champions only. Its is so good if you arent prepared properly then you may explode with greatness. You may also add pasta in the mix as well, do not fear this meal is also very healthy...I promise!

This is all!! If I never post again it is simply because my brothers horrible singing burned my brain to a crisp.


  1. If you take your brother on car journeys with you, he would force all the cars in front to move faster to get away!

    The reason you give for not wanting to blog is a shared one! Sometimes I wish I could just tell someone what I want to say and they can type it!!
    Do you think cats can be trained to do such things?

  2. My brother is useless but sometimes I love him.

    I think if cats can be trained to use a toilet then they prolly can do anything. SUPERCats!!