Sunday, April 24, 2011

Merry Eastermas

Today is a day full of family and food, my two favorite things. Keep in mind I am not religious and don't actually believe in Easter but I do love my family and I do love to put foods into my belly. I am the only non-religious one in the house so sometimes it gets kinda weird but I deal with it.
Me and my mom are scrambling to get everything made and warmed up enough before people start getting here at 12:30. I love this part, its fun to half stress about getting this finished.

I had a lot of fun with Jess last night. We ate delicious spaghetti and watched movies, as per usual. I am trying to plan a secret surprise hangout for him for the next time I'm off work. We prolly spend too much time together but I think I am ok with this.

How are you guys spending the day?


  1. Sadly, or not. This day we live in means that holidays are hype and money makers and can be enjoyed, or not, by anyone regardless of their beliefs. That's good for me, because I love chocolate and family food times too!