Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today was a pretty busy day. I worked on a few sewing projects, I am almost done with one of them. I keep forgetting about posting the shirt I made. Procrastinating at its finest.
Me and my mom went shopping for my grampas birthday, hes going to be 84 on the 14th. I can not imagine being that...young haha. Hes visiting my uncle in Ft Worth this week so we are sending him a cake and his presents. We got him shirts...we always get him clothes and he always complains so I am sure he will this year as well.
The rest of the day Ive spent working on blog stuff, cleaning and cooking. I'm ready to sit down and watch some movies with my little pup pup.

Can you guys believe that ten years ago today the towers fell in New York?! I remember I was home schooled that year, I was 11, we all were sitting in my parents room watching something on TV when all the channels started showing what was going on. We all were dumbfounded at what we were seeing. I still can't believe what happened. I think it hit home harder today then it did back then. I was looking at photos of the devastation its completely unreal. It breaks my heart to see so many people making jokes about it online. I mean this was a huge horrible event...obviously not a joking matter.
Do yall remember where yall were ten years ago?

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  1. I cant really believe its been that long. Sometimes it still feels like it just happened yesterday.