Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big 100

I just realized that I passed my 100th post by 3 posts. I cant believe it snuck up on me like that. Pretty nifty.
I will have been blogging very very inconsistently for a year in November so I guess 100 is pretty low number.
I dont have an overly exciting life so maybe its a good thing.

I went in for my second interview at Ulta today. I got to the store 15 minutes early and over 30 minutes after it was supposed to start they called me wondering where I was. I told them I had been there the whole time and had informed two employees who I was meeting with but I dont think they believed me and were still pretty pissed off. Safe to say I am feeling pretty confident that I didnt get the job but also at peace about it. I am going to be patient this time and find the job that is right for me instead of just picking at straws. I dont really want to deal with the whole job search thing again anytime soon so this time it needs to be right.

Afterwards I went to meet a lady friend at Icon tattoo so she could look at my poor over stretched ears. I messed them up a month ago and been slowly healing them back. We had lunch and I talked to one of the artists about finishing up my thigh piece as soon as I get a job. Pretty stoked on that. Its so rare for me to find people I enjoy being around so Im hoping this evolves into a real friendship.

Thats pretty much all the exciting things I did today, now I am watching Sex and the City like I do every few days and cuddling with my puppeh.

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  1. congrats on 100. Bummer about the job but I guess it just wasnt meant to be.