Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yesterday night was really fun. I actually got to go out on a Friday night!! Me and my  friend Jon hung out and showed a new friend Brandon around town. I love my city so it's always rad to get to teach people about Nashville. We went around to all the cool historic places and hangout spots downtown like: Love Circle, Centennial Park and Hillsborough Village. They eventually got hungry so we ended the night eating at Athens which is an all night Greek restaurant here in town.
I usually am pretty horribly awkward but I think we all vibed pretty well and had our funny pants on which is always good. Its good to meet new friends.

Also about the whole job dealy, they offered me a lesser job with the Arch Expert department. Aka only like 23 hours and minimum wage AND I wont be doing facials, therefore I will not be accepting it and will continue looking for better opportunities.


  1. sounds like fun! i would love you to shoe me around nashville! glad you are holding out and looking for something better! you'll fund it soon sweetie!

  2. I hope you find something,good luck! :)
    -A fellow Nashvillian.

  3. Girl get here and I so will!!

    Amber it wouldnt let me see who you are but I am always down for more Nashville friends!!

  4. Some people really take the piss, job wise.